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Claims of Jesus Christ: Deity, Son of God, Eternal SaviorWhat claims did Jesus make? Did He claim to be the eternal and Divine Son of God, the Christ, and the Savior of Mankind? Did He accept worship and teach that He could give eternal life?

The Claims of Jesus

Claims of Jesus Christ: Deity, Son of God, Eternal Savior

Many people today, including many who claim to be Christians, express doubt that Jesus is the Divine Son of God, the Savior of the world. Or they speculate that people may be saved by someone other than Jesus. Since the four gospel accounts of Jesus´ life constitute the only eyewitness record we have of Jesus´ teachings, let us consider what Jesus Himself actually claimed in those records.

Matthew 3:17; 17:5 – At Jesus´ baptism and again at the Transfiguration, God the Father personally said regarding Jesus: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Matthew 16:13-17 – Jesus said that God the Father had revealed Jesus to be, not just a great prophet, but the Son of the Living God.

John 20:28,29 – Thomas addressed Jesus as “my Lord and my God,” then Jesus pronounced a blessing on all who believe the same thing.

John 3:13-16 – Jesus claimed that He came down from heaven so that whoever believes in Him can have eternal life.

John 14:6 – He said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Matthew 28:18-20 — He claimed that people of all nations must obey Him, because He possesses all authority in heaven and on earth.

Matthew 25:31-46 — He said that He will come again and will decree the eternal destinies of all people of all nations.

John 8:24 – He said that people who do not believe in Him will die in their sins.

To deny these claims is to deny that Jesus spoke the truth. Those who would be followers of Jesus must acknowledge His own claims to be true.

For further evidence and many more Scriptures on this subject, I encourage the reader to go to and  study our online articles about the importance of baptism and about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 

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