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Salvation from Sin: Forgiveness by the Death and Gospel of Jesus Christ

Salvation from Sin:
Forgiveness by the Death and Gospel of Jesus Christ

Free gospel studies of salvation and forgiveness of sins by the sacrifice & death of Jesus Christ: crucifixion, blood, faith, obedience, baptism, predestination, and original sin.

Free studies about salvation and forgiveness of sins by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross as taught in the gospel of Christ. Is guilt inherited from Adam (original sin) so we are born totally depraved? How is the blood of the crucifixion applied to us? Are we saved just by believing (faith only), or are obedience, baptism, and church membership essential? Is election unconditional by predestination, or are we free moral agents? Should babies be baptized (infant baptism)? Should baptism be sprinkling, pouring, or immersion? Can a child of God so sin as to be lost, or are we once saved, always saved (eternal security of the believer)?

The free articles below discuss Bible teaching about forgiveness of sin according to the gospel of Jesus Christ and related topics. Learn the Bible answers to your questions about how to receive eternal life. Have your sins been washed away by the blood of Jesus?

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Salvation & Forgiveness of Sins Important Related Topics
Why Do We Need Forgiveness of Sins?
How Can You Be Sure of Forgiveness?
Individual Responsibility in Salvation
Things that Are Essential to Salvation
Importance of Repentance
Is Obedience Essential to Salvation?
God's grace and mercy (law & works)
Should Alien Sinners Pray for Salvation?
Confessing Christ in Conversion
Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?
"Faith Only" vs Obedient Faith
What Must We Believe to Be Saved?
Should Babies Be Baptized?
Sprinkling, Pouring, or Immersion?
Election (predestination)
Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security)
Baptisms: A Comparison
Why Must We Be "In Christ"?
Original Sin (Inherited Depravity)
Calvinism and the Gospel
Baptism in what name (Jesus only)?
Imputation of Jesus' Sinless Life
Jesus as Savior from Sin
How to Benefit from Jesus' Blood
Have You Been "Born Again"?
Will All Religious People Be Saved?
The Importance of Bible Teaching
New Birth: Are You Born Again? - mp3
Saved Like the Thief on the Cross?
Cornelius, baptism, faith & Holy Spirit
Pharisees: Who Were They Really?
Bible Inspiration: Infallible, Inerrant, Verbal
The Preservation and Accuracy of the Bible
The Bible vs. Denominational Creeds
Divine Authority vs. Human Authority
Is Church Membership Essential to Salvation?
Why So Much Religious Confusion & Division?
A List of Bible References by Topic
How to Study the Bible
How to Change Yourself (Self-improvement)
Is Jesus Really Your Lord?
Evidences for God, Jesus, & the Bible

Since some believe that we sho`uld not speak out against the beliefs of sincere religious people, please consider this study: Should We Oppose the Errors of Religious People?

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