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Church and Worship of God: Bible Doctrine & Christian Truth

The Church and Worship
Bible Doctrine and Christian Truth

Bible doctrine about Jesus' church and true worship of God: Lord's supper, giving, holy days, denominations, unity, division, importance, organization, and work. Christian truth for free.

How should Christians worship God? What doctrine does Jesus intend His church to teach and practice? These free articles present Bible truth regarding Jesus Christ's church and worshiping God in spirit and truth. Included are studies of the Lord's supper, giving, observing holy days, the importance of the church, church organization and work, the number of true churches, and God's view of "Christian" denominations.

Learn the true doctrine taught in the gospel of Jesus. What should the church believe and teach? How should we worship God in truth? Also included are free studies on related topics about the Bible as the only standard of authority for answering such questions.

The Church and Worship Important Related Topics
Is Church Membership Essential to Salvation?
How Can You Find & Identify Jesus' Church?
Does God Approve of Denominationalism?
The Nature and Meaning of the Church
How Many True Churches Are There?
Name of Jesus' Church
Power of Prayer
The Proper Day for the Lord's Supper
Giving to Finance Church Work
Importance of Attending Church Meetings
Attendance, Unity, Fellowship, & Service
Instrumental Music in Worship
Should We Observe Religious Holy Days?
Origin of Jesus' Church & Denominations
Church Organization, Government, & Work
When Will Jesus' Kingdom Begin?
Is Jesus' Church the Same as His Kingdom?
Women Preachers & Church Leaders
Women's Role in Church Leadership
Local Church Responsibilities
Why So Much Religious Confusion & Division?
The Importance of Bible Instruction
Sabbath Day or First Day of the Week?
Does the End Justify the Means?
The Preservation and Accuracy of the Bible
The Bible vs. Denominational Creeds
Divine Authority vs. Human Authority
Emotions in Authority and Worship
Must We Keep the Old Law and the Sabbath?
Unity vs. Division according to the Bible
Will All Religious People Be Saved?
Foot Washing in Church Meetings
How to Study the Bible
Lessons in Leadership
Transubstantiation: Elements in Communion
Was Peter the First Pope?
Discipline of Erring Church Members
Is Jesus Really Your Lord?

For more free articles about various Bible topics, click here to go to our Bible Instruction web site.

Since some believe that we should not speak out against the beliefs of sincere religious people, please consider this study: Should We Oppose the Errors of Religious People?

Note: If you would like help in finding a faithful local church in your area or a Christian in your area to study the Bible personally with you, please click on the link at the end of this message to email us. You will be given an opportunity to inform us of your desire. Depending on where you live, we may or may not be able to help in these ways.

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Scripture quotations are generally from the New King James Version (NKJV), copyright 1982, 1988 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. used by permission. All rights reserved.