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Bible instruction in Christianity, the Christian religion, and doctrine. Free mp3 Bible study recordings.

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Free recorded Bible messages about salvation, faith, worship, the church, morality, and Christian discipleship.

Bible Study Audio MP3 Recorded Messages: Free Sermons/Recordings

These free MP3 Bible messages, sermons, and recordings offer free instruction about religion, the Bible, Christianity, doctrine, and the gospel of Christ. They answer questions about what a Christian should believe about worship, faith, salvation, family relations, church, morals, and eternity. How should a Christian live as a true disciple of Jesus Christ? The sermons offer in-depth analysis of Bible subjects to help you understand true Christianity. All studies are presented by David E. Pratte.

To play a free recorded Bible study message, click on the link below. To save the message to your computer or to your MP3 player, right click and choose the menu instructions to save (the files are very large, so please give them time to download). Note: Some links take you to a page with further information before you access the MP3. See the link toward the bottom of the page for copyright restrictions.

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Free Bible recorded messages about the Bible as authority in religion compared to human guides and standards. Bible inspiration. Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte

Apostles as Inspired Spokesmen for Jesus
Bible Authority: Understanding & Applying It
Bible Inspiration: Infallible Revelation
Bible Preservation: Transmission, Ancestry, Canon
Bible Validity: How to Test Bible Claims

Claims the Bible Makes for Itself
Hearing & Learning: Importance
Modernism, Miracles, and the Bible
Old Law: Should We Keep It Today?
Tradition as Religious Authority

Free Bible recorded messages  about Forgiveness of Sins: Salvation, faith, baptism, theology, obedience - Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte

Baptism and Jesus' Blood
Baptism of Babies/Infants
Purpose (Necessity) of Baptism
Baptism: Sprinkling, Pouring, or Immersion?
Confession of Christ unto Salvation
Doctrine of Baptisms
Ethiopian Treasurer's Conversion
Faith Only or Obedient Faith?

Falling from Grace (Eternal Security)
How Many Ways to Jesus?
In Christ: What It Means to You
Individual Responsibility in Salvation
New Birth: Are You Born Again?
Obedience: Is It Necessary?
Original Sin and Inherited Depravity
Return to the Lord

Topics about Family Relations: Marriage relationships, divorce, raising children; Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte

Free recorded Bible messages about living as a Christian, discipleship ; Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte

Evolution vs. Creation in High School Texts
Liberation of Children & the UN Convention
Marriage that Pleases God
Raising Godly Children
Sexual Morality and Family Relationships
Why Marry a Christian?

Anger and Controlling Temper
Discipleship: What Does It Really Mean?
Everyman Perfect (Involvement)
Fear of God: Reverence & Awe
Fellowshiping Error
Government and the Duties of Citizens
Have the Nails Pierced You Hands?
How to Change Yourself
Laziness vs. Fervent Diligence
Pharisees: Obedient or Self-Righteous Hypocrites?
Rejoice in the Lord
Responsibility vs. Excuses
Separation of Religion from Society
Stewardship: Responsible Service
Temptation: Avoiding It
Troubles: How God Helps You
What Does It Mean to be a Christian?
Zeal and Devotion

Instruction about the Church, Worship, and Denominational Practices; Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte Worship in Jesus' church: Lord's supper, singing, giving, prayer, instrumental music in worship; Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte

Confusion & Division in Religion
Denominationalism: The Bible Teaching
Importance of the Church
Local Church Responsibilities
Origin of Jesus' Church & Denominations
Satisfactory Religion
Speaking Out against Error
Unity & Division in the Bible
The Unknown Church

First Day of the Week or the Sabbath?
Instrumental Music in Worship
Prayer: Does God Answer?
Prayer: What to Pray About?
Observing Religious Holy Days
Transubstantiation: Communion Elements
Why Attend Church Meetings?
Worship Attendance, Growth, & Faith
Worship Attendance: What Would Jesus Do?
Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Topics about Moral Issues: Christian morals, ethics, and morality; Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte God and Deity: Creation, the Holy Spirit, miracles, revelation, number of individuals in the Godhead; Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte

Abortion & Bible Teaching
Drug Abuse and the Bible
Gambling according to the Bible
Living Together Without Marriage
Principles of Morality
Sexual Morality and Family Relationships
Slander and Malicious Gossip
Stealing and Kinds of Thieves

Creation: Importance of the Doctrine
Creation as a Miracle
Creation: Days or Long Ages?
Doctrine of Baptisms
Evolution vs. Creation in High School Texts
Faithfulness of God to His Promises
The Holy Spirit: Its Nature
Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Jesus' Claims
Jesus Our Creator
Jesus our Savior
Providence and the Story of Esther
Resurrection evidence
Significance of Jesus' Resurrection

Christianity vs. World Religions, the Occult, & Denominations: Comparative Religion; Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte Man and his future: life after death, premillennialism, the kingdom, eternal rewards of the righteous and wicked; Free audio mp3 Bible study recordings by David E. Pratte

Astrology, Horoscopes, & the Bible
Buddhism and the Bible
Hinduism, Reincarnation, & Karma
Humanism, Atheism, and Materialism
Islam, Muhammad, & the Qur'an
Jehovah's Witnesses & the Watchtower
Marxism - Communism
Mary: Her Glory and Honor
The Occult, Witchcraft, & Psychics
Should We Oppose Religious Error?
Unitarian Universalists

Heaven: Reward of the Righteous
Hell: Destiny of the Wicked
Jesus: Future King or Current King and Priest?
Jesus' Kingdom: Future or Present?
Jesus' Kingdom: Same as the Church?
Judgment Day & Man's Eternal Destinies

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