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Bible answers to questions about the Bible compared to other religious standards, authorities, guides, and creeds
The Bible Standard: Authority, Inspiration, and Preservation

Bible answers to questions about the Bible compared to other religious standards, authorities, guides, and creeds

Bible inspiration and religious authority. Answers to questions about standards in religion: tradition, councils, creeds, human wisdom, conscience, modern revelation, or Old Testament Law.What standard of authority should we follow in religion: the Bible or other religious guides? These free studies answer your questions about how God wants people to determine their faith and practice. Is the Bible inspired by God? Has it been preserved accurately through the years? Should we follow creeds, tradition, councils, man-made rules, or human wisdom? What about following conscience, family religion, the views of a preacher or scholar, modern revelations or the Old Testament Law of Moses? #Bible #BibleStudy

The free articles below give Bible answers to questions about inspiration and the authority Christians should follow in religion. Also included are studies on related topics about the Bible. What standard should the church believe and teach? Learn the answers given in the gospel of Jesus for important spiritual questions. 

Much of this material is included in our published books about Bible inspiration and authority. Click here for more information.

Please feel free to download, save, and study the following free Bible resources about Bible inspiration and religious authority.

The Bible & Religious Authority

Bible Inspiration & Related Topics

Bible Instruction: Its Importance & Relevance
Bible vs. Denominational Creeds
Divine Authority vs. Human Authority
Does the End Justify the Means?
Emotions in Authority and Worship
Examples: Are They Binding Authority?
False Teaching & Religious Error
Is One Interpretation as Good as Another?
Necessary Inference/Conclusions as Authority
Old Law and Sabbath: Must We Keep Them Today?
Old Testament Value Today
Tradition as Religious Authority
Why So Much Religious Confusion & Division?
Authority of Teaching of Apostles & Paul
The Claims of the Bible
Bible Inspiration: Infallible, Inerrant, Verbal
Bible Preservation and Accuracy
Bible Validation: How to Test It
God's Eternal Purpose Revealed in Scripture
The Gnostic Gospels and Bible Canon
Can We Understand the Bible?
Direct Revelation & Miracles for Today?
Evidences for God, Jesus, & the Bible
How to Study the Bible
Modernism, Miracles, and the Bible
Is Jesus Really Your Lord?
Number Discrepancies in History
Noah's Flood: History or Legend?
Noah's Flood: Worldwide or Local?
Who Is Responsible to Obey Jesus' Law?

Since some believe that we should not speak out against the beliefs of sincere religious people, please consider this study: Should We Oppose the Errors of Religious People?

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