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Bible Study Books, Commentaries, Booklets, Tracts, Class Material, and Workbooks

Literature through which God's word shines

Bible Study Literature: Booklets, Tracts, Class Material|Pratte Publications|Light to My Path

Bible study printed literature, class materials and publications: books, commentaries, tracts, booklets, workbooks, and study guides presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ. We publish literature suitable for personal or family Bible study, sermon preaching, or Bible class teaching. Each study guide or publication sincerely attempts to present just the teaching of God's word without adding any human doctrine. All materials are written by David E. Pratte (except as noted below).


We are in process of publishing a number of commentaries, workbooks, and topical Bible study books. Below are a few of the many titles already in print. Currently these must be ordered from our publisher, not directly from our site. Click to see a complete list of titles and to learn how to order. 

Commentaries, workbooks, class books, and topical Bible study books

Other Materials 

The materials below may be ordered directly from this web site. Click on an item below to learn more.

Bible Topic Booklets

Bible-Centered Tracts

Bible Study Workbooks
Textual and Topical Studies

Special Bible Study Booklets

Home Bible Study Series
First principles study booklets

Charts on Bible Subjects

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