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God's Man, Faithful Abraham (Song Lyrics)

The lyrics for this song are available for use in worship and Bible instruction (see the copyright provisions at the end). May God receive the glory for the message in these words.

(Sung to the tune "Down by the Station")

(Scriptures: Genesis 12:1-7; 17:1-8,15-21; 22:1-19; Hebrews 11:8-12,17-19; Romans 4:16-21)


You must leave your country, go where I will show you;
This was God's commandment, told to Abraham.
Though it wasn't easy, Abraham was faithful.
God's man, faithful Abraham

You'll have many offspring, this will be their country;
This was God's own covenant, made with Abraham.
Christ was his descendant, a blessing to all nations.
God's man, faithful Abraham

You shall have your own son, when you are a hundred;
This was God's own promise, made to Abraham.
Abraham believed God, and named the child Isaac.
God's man, faithful Abraham

Make your son an offering, slay him on an altar;
This was how God tested, faithful Abraham.
Abraham was willing, so God delivered Isaac.
God's man, faithful Abraham

(c) David E. Pratte, Feb. 7, 1984 and Aug, 2009, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Permission to sing, copy, or publish the lyrics of this song are expressly granted on the following conditions: (1) the lyrics must be reproduced in total with no changes in the wording, (2) lyrics must be sung a cappella with no mechanical instruments of music used in accompaniment of the performance, (3) all who are present must be encouraged to participate in the singing, (4) use must be intended for the worship of God and spiritual edification or instruction of those present, (5) no financial fee (except a free-will offering) may be charged for the performance or publication in which this song is included, (6) credit must be given to the author and to All other rights are reserved by the author. Contact the author for permission for any other use.


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