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HomeSchoolers List - The E-Mail List for Home Schoolers

HomeSchoolers List - The E-Mail List for Home Schoolers

List owner: Jeff Hamilton

HomeSchoolers List is a means whereby Christians who are interested in home schooling can communicate with one another to discuss topics of mutual concern. It is set up as an e-mail list operating through a major listserver so that, whenever any subscriber sends a message to the list, that message is automatically forwarded to everyone else on the list. The result is rapid communication with dozens of other home schoolers.

This is a "closed" list, which means it is designed to benefit a certain type of person. In order to be on the list, people must apply to the owner of the list, Jeff Hamilton.

The HomeSchoolers List will appeal only to people who are favorably interested in home schooling. Furthermore, list participants must be faithful members of the Lord's church who are members in good standing with faithful, non-institutional churches of Christ. By "favorably interested in home schooling" we mean people who are personally involved in home schooling or who are favorably impressed by the idea of home schooling and want to know more about it. By "non-institutional churches of Christ" we mean faithful local congregations of God's people, such as those you read about in the New Testament, which are opposed to instrumental music in worship and opposed to church support of centralized arrangements including sponsoring churches and benevolent institutions such as "orphan homes" (among other things).

Please understand that this description is not intended to be offensive nor are these restrictions motivated by ill will. The purpose is simply to describe who will benefit from the list. The intent of the list is to provide a forum for open and friendly discussion of home schooling issues among those of like-precious faith.

For further information about the HomeSchoolers Email List, including a complete statement of the guidelines and requirements of the list, please email your name and email address to the list owner. 

Click here to contact the list owner:


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