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The best way to learn about home schooling is to read some of the many books on the subject. Of course, the only book that can be recommended without reservation is the Bible, and in fact parents who are considering home schooling need to consider carefully the Bible teaching about our duty to our children (Deut. 6:6-9; Prov. 22:6; Eph. 6:4, etc.).

The books listed below can help readers understand how and why parents may educate their children at home. These books are generally written by religious people; however, we occasionally disagree with them doctrinally, so we do not endorse all they say.

These books should be available at many religious book stores, and we even list a source where most of them can be purchased by mail. However, we encourage parents to borrow the books first from a library and then later purchase the ones found to be most helpful.

The Home School Manual, edited by T. Wade.

This is a how-to manual giving basic information about all aspects of home schooling. An excellent all-around resource. Very practical. Highly recommended among home school parents.

The How and Why of Home Schooling, by Ray Ballmann

This book analyzes reasons for home schooling and provides practical guidelines for beginning a home school. Home schoolers highly recommend this book to us.

The Three-R's Series, You Can Teach Your Child Successfully, by Ruth Beechick

These are practical how-to-do-it books. The first is a series of three booklets for teaching pre-schoolers through grade 3. The last book is for grades 4-8.

The Right Choice, by Christopher Klicka

Mr. Klicka is a lawyer for the Home School Legal Defense Association. This book thoroughly examines the problems in public schools and the advantages of home schooling. It also summarizes the legal issues involved. Many consider this to be the standard introductory book on home schooling.

Better Late Than Early, School Can Wait, Home Grown Kids, Home-Spun Schools, Home Style Teaching, by Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Moore

These books document the disadvantages of early formal instruction and encourage parents to informally train their own pre-schoolers. Other books give case studies about pioneers in the home-school movement. The last book is a practical how-to-do-it book advocating the Moore's views about teaching methods.

The Big Book of Home Learning, by Mary Pride

This has developed into a series of books that review correspondence courses, publishers, and materials of interest to home schoolers. Materials are categorized by subject. These are the most comprehensive books of their kind ... and quite expensive! We suggest you try your local library.


The Teaching Home

PO Box 20219, Portland, OR 97220.

A bi-monthly magazine for home educators. Each 48-page edition stresses a theme such as teaching math, teaching teens, etc. In many states a local newsletter is automatically included with your subscription. Extremely practical. They also offer topical back issues, a free Question and Answer brochure, and discounts on many home-school books.

Practical Home Schooling, edited by Mary Pride

Home Life, PO Box 1250, Fenton, MO 63026

Contains numerous reviews of new materials for home schoolers. An informative source of ideas. (See information above regarding her books.) The Prides also publish a magazine entitled Homeschool PC specifically about the use of computers by home schoolers.

Correspondence Courses and Textbooks

Some books listed previously give information about sources of textbooks and materials. Some of these sources are operated by denominations. Others use only workbooks, not actual textbooks. Listed below are a few sources of textbooks and/or correspondence courses that are not, to our knowledge, owned or operated by any particular denomination. Teachings generally harmonize with Biblical morals, however, denominational doctrines occasionally creep in.

A Beka Book/Pensacola Christian Correspondence School

PO Box 18000, Pensacola, FL 32523 (800-874-BEKA).

Home schoolers can enroll in a correspondence program or just purchase textbooks. They can provide essentially all the materials you need, including tests, grading keys, and even daily lesson plans, K-12. These are designed, however, for classroom use and are relatively demanding academically. Reading, phonics, history, and science are especially good, but tests tend to contain too much busywork. Field representatives are available to meet with groups of parents to demonstrate the books. Video tapes also available.

Bob Jones University Press

Greenville, SC 29614 (800-845-5731).

Offers many of the same services as Beka: books, teacher manuals, lesson plans, local field representatives, etc. (not all subjects have tests available.) Also available is a program for administering standardized achievement tests to home-schooled students.

Family Reading Booklist, by David Pratte

This inexpensive book reviews hundreds of pleasure-reading books, evaluating them according to Biblical standards of morality. A good book to consult before buying books for your children or borrowing them from the library. Available from Pratte Publications (see address below).

John Saxon math texts

These are highly acclaimed math texts that many home schoolers really like. Students tend to do very well on achievement tests.


Home School Legal Defense Association

P.O. Box 3000, Purcellville, VA 20134; Phone (540) 338-5600. Online at

Provides legal advice and, if necessary, a lawyer for home schoolers who are members of the association. Membership is expensive but provides great peace of mind. They also mail out an informative newsletter and have some good books about home-schooling. Family Times provides memberships at a discount (see link below for more information).

Support Groups

Another excellent way to learn about home schooling and to get advice about textbooks and curricula is to attend the meetings of a support group in your area. We do not always agree with the religious views of some support groups; nevertheless, they can be a useful source of information, especially for families that are beginning to learn about home schooling.

Many support groups occasionally conduct curricula and textbook fairs. Publishers of textbooks and curricula have displays at these fairs, so you can see the materials for yourself and evaluate them.


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