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Marxism-Leninism (Communism) Compared to the Bible

What do Marxists and Communists teach about atheism, evolution, materialism, morality, the family, religion, violent revolution, socialism, ownership of private property?Many people are unaware of the danger of Marxism, yet Communist dictatorships control millions of people. What do Marxists believe  about atheism, evolution, and materialism? What does Communism teach about morality, religion, the family, and ownership of private property?

Did Lenin advocate violent revolution, socialism, and annihilation of opponents? What is the Communist doctrine of dictatorship of the proletariat and elimination of the bourgeoisie? Can Communist teaching be harmonized with Christianity and the Bible?

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If we had lived before WWII, what should Christians have done about Nazism?

Assume we knew or could have known basically what Nazism was like.

Should we have kept quiet and overlooked it because:

* It involved political and economic issues and we are concerned about religion?

* It controlled governments and Christians should not criticize rulers?

* Speaking out might lead to persecution?

* It was mainly a problem in foreign nations, not here (we didn't know any Nazis)?

Or, should we have spoken out to express opposition because:

* It was based on fundamental religious errors (evolution, racism, atheism)?

* It rejected Christianity and denied Jesus?

* It sought world domination by war and military conquest (subjugating millions by war)?

* It used violence and force to eliminate unwanted citizens (millions in the holocaust)?

2 Timothy 4:2-4; Ephesians 5:11; Revelation 3:19 - God's word instructs us to oppose the forces of evil. Surely we all agree that we ought to have reproved and rebuked a belief based on religious error that forcibly subjugated millions of people and murdered millions more.

Today we face a growing menace from Islam. What should we do today?

Should we keep quiet and overlook it because:

* It involves political and economic issues, and we are concerned about religion?

* It controls governments, and Christians should not criticize rulers?

* Speaking out might lead to persecution?

* It is mainly a problem in foreign nations, not here (we don't know any Muslims)?

Or, should we speak out to express opposition because:

* It is based on fundamental religious errors (Muhammed, Quran)?

* It rejects Christianity and denies Jesus as Son of God and Savior?

* It seeks world domination by war and military conquest (controlling millions worldwide)?

* It uses violence and force to make converts?

2 Timothy 4:2-4; Ephesians 5:11; Revelation 3:19 - Surely we all agree that, when God instructs us to oppose the forces of evil, we ought to reprove and rebuke this system based on religious error that has forcibly subjugated millions of people.

Now what we should do about the problem of Marxism and Communism?

Should we keep quiet and overlook it because:

* It involves political and economic issues, and we are concerned about religion?

* It controls governments, and Christians should not criticize rulers?

* Speaking out might lead to persecution?

* It is mainly a problem in foreign nations, not here (we don't know any Communists)?

Or, should we speak out to express opposition because:

* It is based on fundamental religious errors (atheism, evolution, immorality)?

* It rejects Christianity and Jesus?

* It seeks world domination by war and military conquest? (Communism controls over a billion people, nearly all of whom were subjugated by means of violent revolution. Open Communists admit they are enemies of the USA.)

* It uses violence and murder to eliminate unwanted citizens? (In every Communist nation, millions of people like you and me have been murdered by Communist leaders.)

Yet little is said by Christians regarding what our attitude toward Communism should be. In fact, many members know little about it, yet it is at least as great a danger as Nazism and Islam.

2 Timothy 4:2-4; Ephesians 5:11; Revelation 3:19 - Again, God instructs us to oppose the forces of evil. Should we not speak against this system, based on religious error, that has forcibly subjugated millions of people and murdered millions more, like we should Nazism and Islam?

The purpose of this study is to inform people about the real views of Communism, and how it differs from the gospel of Jesus.

Marxism-Leninism is not just about politics and economics. It is a total philosophy that affects every area of life, including many areas fundamental to Bible teaching. When we understand Marxism, we will see that it is a conspiracy that works by secrecy and deceit. It conceals its real goals until a nation is ready for violent revolution, then it is too late. Meanwhile, many people have been influenced by Marxist ideas, even without realizing it.

What should a Christian do about this philosophy that forcibly dominates a billion people and deceitfully influences the thinking of millions more? Why shouldn't we teach against it while we have the opportunity to do so openly? To begin with, we must learn to understand it.

(Note: See the bibliography at the end of this study for the sources we cite. Source notes in the text consist of a two- or three- digit code followed by a page number.)

I. Marxism and Atheism

Quotations Regarding Marxism

The founders of Marxism

Karl Marx was the primary promoter of the basic theories of modern Communism. Marx was an atheist before he ever developed his Communistic theories. As a motto for his doctoral dissertation he chose this quote from Prometheus: "In simple truth, I harbour hate 'gainst all the Gods" (SC-25). His dissertation stated that we should "recognize as the highest divinity, the human self-consciousness itself!" He once planned to publish a Journal of Atheism but failed for lack of finances (NC-12f).

Friedrich Engels was probably Marx's greatest personal supporter, and he worked together with Marx in writing the Communist Manifesto. Engels was also an atheist. He stated that, as a result of the discovery of laws of the Communism, "the last vestige of a Creator external to the world is obliterated" (NC-37).

Nikolai Lenin was the founder of the Communist Party. He led the revolution that established Communism in Russia, then became the first premier of the Communist regime. Lenin, who was also an atheist, said: "Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism" (REL-10). And again: "Every religious idea, every idea of god, even every flirtation with the idea of God, is unutterable vileness" (REL-42).

Other Communist statements

Nikita Khrushchev, premier of Russia from 1958 to 1964, stated:

"We, Communists ... are atheists ... Public education, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and the study of the laws of nature, leave no place for belief in God ... We consider that belief in God contradicts our Communist outlook" (BC-13).

And again he said: "We remain the atheists that we have always been; we are doing all we can to liberate those people who are still under the spell of this religious opiate" (BC-73).

The Russian Encyclopedia (1950) lists: "God - a mythical invented being ... [Communism] is incompatible with belief in God; it arose and developed in an acute and constant struggle with religion" (BC-12).

The "Ten Commandments of Communism," published for the Young Communist League, says: "If you are not a convinced atheist, you cannot be a good Communist ... Atheism is indissolubly bound to Communism." (CFF-37).

Former Communist spy Whittaker Chambers, when asked about Communism, replied by quoting this statement: "The problem of Communism is not an economic problem. The problem of Communism is the problem of atheism" (CFF-36).

Note clearly: Marxism is not primarily about economics or politics. Its views are of fundamental religious concern. The problem is not just that some Communists are atheists. The problem is that the doctrine of atheism is fundamental to Communist belief.

As you consider our own society, how effective have Marxists and other unbelievers been in undermining faith in God? Do you see evidence of increasing faith or loss of faith?

Obviously, not every unbeliever is a Communist, but who can deny that our society is moving in the direction that Marxists want it to go? And as people become weaker in faith, it becomes more likely that Marxists can succeed with their goals.

The Teaching of the Bible

The Bible not only affirms the existence of God, it gives objective evidence, sufficient to satisfy any honest student, that God does exist and that the God of the Bible is the true God.

God does exist.

Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The Bible claims in its very first verse, and then throughout its contents, that God does exist.

Hebrews 11:6 - Without faith it is impossible to please God. We must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Obviously, a person cannot be an atheist and a believer at the same time. To be a Communist you must be (or must become) an atheist. To be a Christian you must be a believer. It follows that one cannot be both a true Communist and a true Christian.

Psalms 14:1 - The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." So a Christian, who believes the Bible, must conclude that Communism is foolish.

The Bible provides evidence for God's existence.

Acts 14:17 - God did not leave Himself without witness. The Bible does not just claim that God exists. It also gives witness or evidence for the claim. The Bible itself proves God's existence, for it is not possible for mere men to write such a book as the Bible nor for mere men to do the miracles that eyewitnesses record in the Bible. We will consider this evidence later. But notice some evidence offered in nature for the existence of God.

Romans 1:18-22 - God has made known the evidence for His power and Godhead. That evidence may be seen in the things that are made, so there is no excuse for people who do not believe. But people refuse to glorify Him as God or be thankful to Him. By relying on their own human wisdom, they become foolish. This surely includes Communism. The proof that God exists, and therefore Marxism is wrong, may be seen in the universe.

Psalms 19:1 - The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork. There is simply no reasonable explanation for the existence of the things we see in nature except that there is a Supreme Being, far wiser and more powerful than we are, who made them.

Anyone who examines computers, cameras, automobiles, houses, etc., can know that there must be intelligent beings who made them. Because we are intelligent beings, we are able to recognize that these are all the product of intelligence. But the same is true of the human brain, eye, reproductive system, and our whole bodies and all living things and the heavenly bodies.

Every effect must have an adequate cause - an adequate explanation. The only adequate explanation for the universe is God. Do Marxists have adequate proof that God does not exist? Do they have an adequate explanation for the existence of the universe without God? We will see, as our studies progress, that their explanation is evolution, but that is not an adequate explanation for all we see around us.

Surely the fact that Marxism is fundamentally atheistic is one reason for us to oppose it.

To learn more about the evidence for the existence of God and the Bible as His word, please study our free articles on that subject on our Bible study web site at /instruct (see the section about God/Deity).

II. Marxism and Evolution

Quotations Regarding Marxism

Quotations from Marxist leaders

In the preface to the Communist Manifesto, Engels said that the basic theory of Communism "is destined to do for history what Darwin's theory has done for biology" (CM-3,4). So, he believed in Darwin's view of evolution just as he believed in Marx's theory of Communism.

A few months after Darwin published his Origin of Species, Engels wrote to Marx saying, "Darwin, whom I am just now reading, is splendid." Later Marx wrote to Engels about Darwin's book: "... this is the book which contains the basis in natural history for our view." Shortly afterward, Marx wrote: "Darwin's book is very important and serves me as a basis in natural science for the class struggle in history." In fact, Marx wanted to dedicate his book Das Kapital to Darwin. (All quotes are from Impact, 10/87.)

Lenin said: "Darwin put an end to the belief that animal and vegetable species ... were created by God..." (Impact, 10/87).

Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism states: "Nature ... is in constant process of development. The laws of that development have not been ordained by God ... They are intrinsic in nature itself..." (FML-16).

Josef Stalin was secretary general of the Communist Party, and premier of Russia until 1953. A Communist named Yaroslavsky wrote a biography of Stalin in which he says: "At a very early age ... Comrade Stalin developed a critical mind and revolutionary sentiments. He began to read Darwin and became an atheist." The biography records a boyhood conversation: "'You know, they are fooling us, there is no God ... I'll lend you a book to read; it will show you that ... all this talk about God is sheer nonsense,' Joseph said. "What book is that?" I enquired. 'Darwin. You must read it,' Joseph impressed on me" (via Impact 10/87; cf. HRQ-53).

Again, the point is not just that some Communist leaders believe in evolution. The concern is that they view evolution as the basis for atheism and Communism.

Influence of Marxism on our society

As you consider our own society, how effective have Marxists and other unbelievers been in promoting evolution? What is taught in our schools: evolution or creation? Are we surrounding by teaching of creation or by teaching of evolution?

In November, 2012, "Chicago district of the International Socialist Organization" conducted the "2012 Midwestern Marxism Conference" at Northwestern University. (See Chicagosocialists.org.) An observer at the Marxism Conference noted a significant number of members of the Chicago teachers' union, who had recently conducted a strike against Chicago schools. A number of the teachers spoke at the conference or conducted workshops. http://thunderontheright.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/marxism-in-chicago-schools/#more-1392 

Many others have reported the significant number of Marxist teachers in our universities and colleges. (See Phyllis Schlafly, 4/10/2009; David A. Noebel, 10/11/2012).

Obviously, not every believer in evolution is a Communist, but who can deny that our society is moving in the direction that Marxists want it to go? And as evolution becomes more accepted, it becomes more likely that Marxists can succeed with their goals.

The Teachings of the Bible

God created all forms of life.

Genesis 1:1; Acts 17:24-28 - The Bible claims that life was created by God. One cannot accept both the Communist view and the Bible view: it must be one or the other.

Further, the Bible view harmonizes with the scientific truth that life comes from life. But evolution requires that dead, non-living matter had to somehow spontaneously produce life. There is no scientific proof for this. Science has repeatedly disproved spontaneous generation. Yet Communism claims it is scientific and the Bible is not.

Living things reproduce after their own kind.

Genesis 1:11,21,24f; Galatians 6:7 - God made living things to reproduce after their own kind. Living things can adapt to their environment, but they cannot produce totally different kinds, such that all present kinds came from one or a few original kinds.

This also harmonizes with scientific evidence. Current observations show that living things reproduce after their kind. Likewise, in the fossil record, we see no transitional links that are halfway between present kinds, such as would be frequently found were evolution true.

Man is unique from the animals.

Genesis 1:26-28 - Man is in the image of God, unique and superior to the animals. The first human did not develop from animals, but was created directly by God from the earth (2:7).

Simple observation confirms the differences between men and animals. No animals can read and write abstract symbols to communicate messages or perform mathematical calculations. No animals do scientific experiments, invent machines, use fire, or train animals. No animal creates new forms of beauty nor has an inherent sense of morals and conscience as man does. All this is easily explained if man was created in God's image, as the Bible says, but evolution cannot explain why men are so different from the animals from which we supposedly evolved.

Again, Communism cannot be harmonized with the gospel of Christ. But when schools teach evolution, they may lead young people to become atheists and then Communists, as they did with Stalin. What are you doing to prevent this happening to your children?

Surely the fact that Marxism is based on evolution is one reason for us to oppose it.

To learn more about the evidence for creation as opposed to evolution, please study our free articles on that subject on our Bible study web site at /creation.

III. Marxism and Materialism

Quotations Regarding Marxism

Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism says: "The indestructible foundation of the whole edifice of Marxism-Leninism is its philosophy - dialectical and historical materialism" (FML -21). The book further says:

"Marxism-Leninism regards the world such as it actually is, without adding an invented hell or paradise. It proceeds from the fact that all nature, including man himself, consists of matter with its different properties ... There are no supernatural phenomena or forces, nor can be ... The great historic service rendered by materialist philosophy is that it helped man ... not to fear gods and other supernatural forces. It teaches us not to hope for happiness beyond the grave..." (FML-16,23,25).

Lenin said: "Our program is based entirely on scientific - to be more precise - upon a materialistic world conception" (REL-9). He added: "We must combat religion - this is the ABC of all materialism, and consequently Marxism" (REL-14).

Mao Tse-tung was chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from 1943 till his death (and is still revered). He said "there is nothing in the world apart from matter in motion" (CFF-79).

Stalin said: "Marx's philosophical materialism holds ... that the world develops in accordance with the laws of movement of matter and stands in no need of a 'universal spirit'" (BC-22).

Khrushchev said: "Scientific and atheistic propaganda is an integral part of the Communist education ..., and has as its aim the dissemination of scientific, materialistic knowledge among the masses and the liberation of believers from the influence of religious prejudices" (BC-23).

So, again, materialism is foundational to Marxism. It teaches that everything is material. There are no spirit beings, no spiritual side of man that exists after death. So, there is no life after death, no heaven, no hell. It follows that no religion that believes in a spirit god can be true.

As you look at our own society, how effective have Marxists and other unbelievers been in promoting materialism? Do you see people generally concerned about spiritual matters or do you see increasing emphasis on possessions, pleasure, and material things?

Obviously, not every materialistic person is a Communist, but who can deny that our society is moving in the direction that Marxists want it to go? And as people become more materialistic, it becomes more likely that Marxists can succeed with their goals.

The Teachings of the Bible

The Bible clearly affirms that there are spirit beings, and that in fact God is spirit.

God and spirit beings do exist.

John 4:24 - God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 - Man consists of both an outer man (body) and an inner man (spirit). The things we see (material things) are temporary. There are things we do not see that yet exist, and these are the eternal things.

Man exists after death as a spirit and will be raised from the dead.

Matthew 22:23-32 - In Jesus' day the Sadducees held the materialistic view that there is no such thing as a spiritual part of man (Acts 23:6-10). Like materialists today, they necessarily denied the concept of resurrection. Jesus disagreed with their views, and showed that God spoke of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as living beings even though they had been dead for many years (v32). This could not be if man is wholly "matter in motion."

Luke 16:19-31 - Jesus told of men who were dead, yet were conscious and able to reason, remember, and communicate. This totally conflicts with materialism.

John 6:40,44,45; 5:28,29; Acts 24:15 - Jesus and His apostles often affirmed that all people will be raised from the dead. Resurrection involves the spirit of man leaving his body at death (James 2:26) and then returning in resurrection. Materialists say death ends man's existence, and there is no spirit that could continue to exist or to later return to the body. In affirming the resurrection, Jesus was flatly contradicting fundamental Marxist doctrine.

The resurrection of Jesus proves our resurrection and disproves materialism.

1 Corinthians 15:1-26 - If, as Marxism says, there is no resurrection, then the gospel is false, the Christian's faith is worthless and the Christian's hope of reward after death is a false hope (vv 12-17; cf. 1 Thess. 4:13-18). If Marxism is true, the gospel of Christ cannot be true. But if the gospel is true, then Communism cannot be true.

Vv 20-26 - How do we know we will be raised from the dead? Because Jesus was raised! His resurrection is the proof we will be raised.

Vv 1-8 - How do we know Jesus was raised? Because many eyewitnesses testified that they saw Him alive after His death.

John 20:24-31; 21:24 - The gospel records the testimony of many eyewitnesses who saw Jesus alive after His resurrection. This testimony is as valid as any historical testimony in any courtroom. (Cf. Matt. 27 & 28; Mark 15 & 16; Luke 23 & 24; John 19, 20, & 21; Acts 1 & 9.)

This is why all materialists vehemently deny Jesus' resurrection. Yet the fact remains that no Marxist can prove that materialism is true. Which of them can state for certain that man has no existence after death?

The strongest proof that materialism is false is Jesus' resurrection. Someone has already come back from the dead! This is simple historical proof that Communists cannot invalidate.

Surely the fact that Marxism is fundamentally materialistic is one reason for us to oppose it.

IV. Marxism and Opposition to Religion

Quotations regarding Marxism

Statements from Marxist leaders

We have already cited several quotations that show Communists do not believe in God or the Bible. They profess to oppose religion because they claim that capitalists use religion to keep people from accepting and fighting for the Communist cause. Note the evidence:

Karl Marx was once asked what his objective in life was. He replied: "To dethrone God and destroy capitalism" (NC-37).

According to Lenin: "Marx said 'Religion is the opium of the people' - and this postulate is the cornerstone of the whole philosophy of Marxism with regard to religion. Marxism always regarded all modern religions and churches, and every kind of religious organisation [sic] as instruments of that bourgeois reaction whose aim is to defend exploitation by stupefying the working-class" (REL-12).

Lenin also said: "Marxism is materialism. As such it is ... relentlessly opposed to religion ... This is beyond doubt ... We must combat religion - this is the A.B.C. of all materialism, and consequently of Marxism" (REL-14)

Stalin said: "The Party cannot be neutral towards religion, and it does conduct anti-religious propaganda against all and every religious prejudice because it stands for science, while ... all religion is something opposite to science" (CFF-164; BC- 12).

Khrushchev said: "Communism has not changed its attitude of opposition to religion. We are doing everything we can to eliminate the bewitching power of the opium of religion" (CFF-165f).

The Sixth World Congress of the Communist International stated: "One of the most important tasks of the cultural revolution affecting the wide masses is the task of systematically and unswervingly combating religion - the opium of the people" (REL-6).

Communist influence in our own society

As you view our own society, do you see people who are increasingly concerned about religion, or are people increasingly indifferent toward religion?

In countries where they are not in power, Marxists seek to infiltrate the institutions of society to undermine Biblical and religious ideas. This includes infiltrating churches themselves, government, etc.

Communists especially try to influence what is taught to young people. So they seek to eliminate the Bible and prayer from the schools, while at the same time encouraging schools to advocate evolution, feminism, homosexuality, abortion, and other anti-biblical views. How effective have they (and other liberal-thinking people) have been in the USA?

Note the following from Phyllis Schlafly Report, 11/2010:

The most widely used history textbook in U.S. public schools is A People's History of the United States by the late Howard Zinn. It has sold a million and a half copies since it was published in 1980. It is required reading in many high schools and colleges. This history textbook by Howard Zinn is a very leftwing version of U.S. history, full of multicultural, feminist, and class-war propaganda. ... In 2010, the FBI released 400 pages of files on Howard Zinn, and it turns out that he was an active member of the Communist Party. He ... attended Communist Party meetings in Brooklyn five nights a week. He was so important in the Communist Party that he taught a class to his comrades on "basic Marxism." ... Publicly, Howard Zinn lied and denied his Communist Party membership, which was the common practice of Communist Party members in those years. ...His textbook was specifically written to present a Marxist version of U.S. history based on the Communist strategy of the "class war."

Note: Multicultural teachings train students to believe all cultures are equal, including all religions.

Do our schools and society in general show respect for religion or increasing disrespect?

Obviously, not every irreligious person is a Communist, but who can deny that our society is moving in the direction that Marxists want it to go? And as people become less religious, it becomes more likely that Marxists can succeed with their goals.

Teaching of the Bible

The Bible affirms that it is inspired by God.

2 Timothy 3:16,17; 1 Corinthians 14:37 - The Bible affirms that it is inspired by God, that it instructs men in righteousness, that it provides men to all good works, and that it contains the commandments of the Lord. [Eph. 3:3-5; 2 Pet. 1:21; 1 Thess. 2:13; etc.]

The Bible gives evidence that it is a Divine revelation.

Luke 24:25-27,44; Acts 2:22-36; Deuteronomy 18:20-22 - The Bible also gives evidence that it really is from God. Consider specifically the fact that Jesus and Bible writers were able to predict the future, and these predictions always came true. The Bible writers used this as evidence that God exists, that the Bible writers were from God, and that Jesus is the Son of God.

John 5:36; 20:26-31; Acts 14:3; 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 - The Bible includes eyewitness testimony that Jesus, His apostles, and other Bible writers performed great miracles to demonstrate that God approved of their message. These miracles were so powerful that even enemies of the gospel could not deny them (Acts 4:16; 8:5-13; John 11:47,48; etc.).

Much other evidence could be presented to confirm that the Bible is from God, that it is accurate historically, geographically, and scientifically, and that it does not contradict itself. For further discussion of the evidence for God, Jesus, and the Bible, see our article on that subject on our Bible Instruction web site at /instruct (see the section about God/Deity).

Since the gospel of Christ is true, Marxism and the gospel are incompatible.

1 Corinthians 1:18-25 - People who follow human wisdom consider the gospel to be foolish. But it is actually the power of God to those who accept it.

Ephesians 5:11 - We must not have fellowship with such works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

One cannot be both a Communist and a Christian for at least two reasons: first because Communism says you cannot, and second because the gospel of Christ says you cannot. The two are mutually exclusive.

Surely the fact that Marxism is fundamentally anti-religious is one reason for us to oppose it.

[2 Corinthians 6:14-18]

V. Marxism and Immorality

Marxist Doctrine

Basic Marxist concepts

To understand the Communist view of morality, we must understand the Marxist doctrine of the dialectic and class struggle. The fundamental belief is that people act primarily from economic motivations: to meet material needs and to accumulate material possessions. This is not a matter of choice. Basically we are all machines whose beliefs and conduct are determined entirely by economic conditions in our society.

Marxism teaches that, at any given time in history, basically two economic classes exist: the ruling class and the oppressed class (the haves and the have-nots). Conflict between these classes inevitably builds up till the oppressed class finally overthrows the ruling class. New classes then develop and the procedure is repeated over and over. The outcome of all such conflicts is always progressive, leading to increasingly improved conditions for mankind. This concept is called the dialectic, or the class struggle.

Marxism affirms that, at the current stage of history, the two basic conflicting economic classes are the capitalists or the business owners (the bourgeoisie) and the workers employed by the owners (the proletariat). Conflict between these two classes must increase till the proletariat overthrows the capitalists. This outcome is inevitable, but people should work to hasten the outcome. The Communist Party exists to direct the efforts to hasten the victory of the proletariat over the capitalists.

What does this have to do with morality? Any act that furthers the victory of the oppressed class over the ruling class is, by their definition, a moral act. Any act that hinders the victory of the oppressed class is an immoral act. They deny the existence of God and of the Bible as a standard of right or wrong. Since the Communist Party is responsible to direct the victory of the oppressed class, it follows that the teachings of Marx, Lenin, and the leaders of the Communist Party become the standard of morality.

Quotations regarding Marxist moral concepts

Engels said: "The final causes of all social changes and political revolution are to be sought, not in men's brains, not in man's insight into eternal truth and justice ... but in the economics of each particular epoch" (NC-46f).

Lenin said:

"Is there such a thing as Communist morality? Of course there is ... In what sense do we repudiate ethics and morality? In the sense that they were preached by the bourgeoisie, who declared that ethics were God's commandments. We, of course, say that we do not believe in God ... And we subordinate our Communist morality to this [the class struggle]. We say: Morality is that which serves to destroy the old exploiting society and to unite all the toilers around the proletariat, which is creating a new Communist society. Communist morality is the morality which serves this struggle ... We do not believe in eternal morality ... At the basis of Communist morality lies the struggle for the consolidation and consummation of Communism" (SW9-474-479).

American Communist William Z. Foster said: "With him [the Communist] the end justifies the means. Whether his tactics be 'legal' or 'moral' or not, does not concern him, so long as they are effective" (NC-52).

Radio Moscow once said: "Therefore, from the point of view of Communist morality, only those acts are moral which contribute to the building up of a new Communist society" (NC-304f).

Some specific applications of Communist morality

We again quote Lenin. "To lie, is that wrong? Not for a good cause. To steal, is that wrong? Not for a good cause. To kill, is that wrong? Not for a good cause" (NC-355). "Promises are like piecrusts - made to be broken" (BC- 57). "Yes, of course, we are violating the treaty; we have violated it thirty or forty times" (SW7-301).

Stalin said: "Sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or iron wood" (NC-304).

And Engels said: "Thou shalt not steal. Does this law thereby become an eternal moral law? By no means" (NC-52).

The consequences of Communist morality

This view of morality sometimes makes Communists appear self-contradictory. For example, they come to power in many countries by promising to take land from the rich and give it to the poor. But after they are in power, the government confiscates the land.

Again, the Communists oppose all religion, yet where they cannot destroy religion, they attempt to control it and work through it to control the people.

The Marxist approach can be stated as: Find out what people want and promise to give it to them, so you can come to power over them. The goal is to achieve positions of power in the institutions of a society so they can control the people and ultimately achieve revolution.

In short, Marxists justify any kind of lying and deceit. They freely deny that they are Marxists, they mislead people about their real beliefs and intents, and they make promises they have no intent whatever to keep. All this is "moral" in their view, if it advances the cause of Marxism.

How effective have Marxists and other unbelievers been in undermining the moral convictions of our society? Are people becoming more moral or more immoral?

Obviously, not every immoral person is a Communist, but who can deny that our society is moving in the direction that Marxists want it to go? And as people become less moral, it becomes more likely that Marxists can succeed with their goals.

The Teaching of the Bible

Man is a free moral agent with power to choose.

Joshua 24:15; Revelation 22:17; Romans 2:6-11 - The Bible teaches that man does have power to choose what kind of life he will lead. He can choose to live for God or not live for God. He is not just a robot whose conduct is determined by material pursuits, as Marxism claims.

[Matt. 6:19-33; 1 John 2:15-17; Lk. 12:15-21; Matt. 16:26,27; 1 Tim. 6:6-10; etc.]

The Bible is an absolute standard of morality.

Psalm 119:105; Acts 17:11; Matthew 28:18-20; 7:21-27 - The Bible is our standard of guidance. The purpose of life is to serve God by obeying the teachings of the Bible. We will eventually give account for our lives to our Creator (John 12:48; 2 Cor. 5:10).

Bible prohibitions against stealing, lying, murder, etc., are still in effect today as much as in the first century (Gal. 5:19-21; 1 Cor. 6:9-11; Rev. 21:8; Rom. 13:8-10; etc.). On the other hand, Romans chapter 1 clearly rebukes people like Marxists who, having rejected the knowledge of God (v18-22), end up justifying all kinds of immoral acts (vv 24-32).

Surely the fact that Marxist morality is anti-Biblical is one reason for us to oppose it.

VI. Marxism and Abolition of the Family

Quotations Regarding Marxism

The Communist Manifesto says: "...Communists ... openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions" (page 36). Specifically, what social conditions do they seek to forcibly overthrow?

Pp 22,23 add: "Abolition of the family? Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists ... The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course..."

Marxism and the feminist view of the family

The parallels between Marxism and feminism are striking and eye-opening. Even the language used is similar. Consider some quotes from Communist materials and then compare them to quotes from Women's Lib materials.

Lenin: "...woman continues to be a domestic slave, because petty housework crushes, strangles, stultifies and degrades her, chains her to the kitchen and to the nursery, and wastes her labor on barbarously unproductive, petty, nerve-racking, stultifying and crushing drudgery. The real emancipation of women, real Communism, will begin only when ... this petty domestic economy ... is transformed on a mass scale into a large-scale socialistic economy" (LR-71). 
Another Marxist book says: "Socialism leads woman on to the path of important public activities and production work ... There are still not enough nurseries, kindergartens, and also boarding-schools, which could relieve mothers of a considerable share of the cares involved in child upbringing ... As society takes over a big share of the cares for education and maintenance of children, the position of the woman in the family will be radically lightened" (FML-603,668).

Compare this to the feminist publication entitled The Document: Declaration of Feminism:

"Women ... will be the first to understand the need for a socialist revolution ... In order to break the tyranny of class oppression it is necessary to establish a socialist order ... In the final hours of capitalism we will dance on the grave of corporate America ... Male society has sold us the idea of marriage ... The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men ... The nuclear family must be replaced with a new form of family where individuals live and work together to help to meet the needs of all people in the society" [this, of course, would be a commune] (pp 1-13).

Alice S. Rossi in The Feminist Papers, wrote: "The first condition for the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole female sex back into public industry, and this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society." - (via The Mindzenty Report, 5/1978 via LITE, Nov/Dec, 1979)

Feminist leaders support Communist goals, whether or not they realize it.

The Marxist view of children

Lenin said: "We must hate - hatred is the basis of Communism. Children must be taught to hate their parents if they are not Communists" (NC-350).

The Communist Manifesto lists specific measures that Communists need to achieve to bring about the downfall of non-Communist societies and the victory of Communism. Included in that list is: "Free education for all children in public schools" (page 25).

Another Marxist publication says: "It is in the schools ... that the foundations for a Communist outlook are laid ... and no one should be allowed to indulge in the slightest deviation from the principles of the Communist materialist upbringing of the new generation" (NC-314).

"The basic work in Communist education and the overcoming of the survivals of religiousness must be carried out by the school teachers ... to prove to the pupils the complete contrast and complete irreconcilability between science ... and religion as a fantastic, distorted and, consequently, harmful reflection of the world ... the school must pose the question before parents who are believers as to the extreme harmfulness ... and inadmissability of imposing religious influence on children ... to maim their children morally ... by bringing them up at home on religious prejudices which are in radical contradiction with the true scientific instruction and education of the school" (NC-173).

American Communist William Z. Foster predicted, "God will be banished from the laboratories as well as from the schools" (NC-349).

Again, feminist leaders agree. The Document: Declaration of Feminism states:

"Within the structure of the nuclear family children are oppressed because they are defined as property ... We support parent controlled child care centers as a necessary step toward the feninist-socialist [sic] revolution, but our vision of the upbringing of children extends beyond them. With the destruction of the nuclear family must come a new way of looking at children. They must be seen as the responsibility of an entire society rather than individual parents" (pp 13,14). ["It takes a village"?]

A decree issued in Communist Russia failed, but it shows their ultimate goal:

"By virtue of the present decree no woman can any longer be considered as private property and all women become the property of the nation ... Any man who wishes to make use of a nationalized woman must hold a certificate issued by the administrative Council of a professional union ... Any woman who by virtue of the present decree will be declared national property will receive from the public fund a salary equivalent to 575 French francs a month ... One month after birth, children will be placed in an institution entrusted with their care and education. They will remain there to complete their instruction and education at the expense of the national fund until they reach the age of seventeen ... All those who refuse to recognize the present decree and to cooperate with the authorities shall be declared enemies of the people ... and shall suffer the consequences" (NC-72f).

Marxist influence in society

The goal of Communism is for the state to control, not just all businesses and property, but also all women and children. No one has his own wife, husband, or children. Everything operates on a communal basis, including the sexual relationship. You want a woman? Take your coupon to the officials and pick out the one you want for the night! This plan has never succeeded, but it is the Communist plan.

Who can deny that Marxists, and others of similar belief, are influencing society? Is the family as an institution growing stronger or weaker? Is God's teaching about the family generally accepted in society, or is it under attack? Do people reserve the sexual union for marriage?

Are schools encouraging faith in God or undermining it? Do they encourage Bible study, prayer, and religion, or do they oppose and hinder them? Do they encourage moral conduct or immoral conduct?

Obviously, not everyone who weakens the family is a Communist, but who can deny that our society is moving in the direction that Marxists want it to go? And as family ties become weaker, it becomes more likely that Marxists can succeed with their goals.

Teaching of the Bible

The Bible upholds marriage as a Divine institution.

Genesis 2:18-24 - Marriage was ordained by God from creation for the good of women, men, and children. It is not an invention of males or capitalists. But to the extent that people disbelieve in God, we can expect them to deny the sanctity of marriage.

Hebrews 13:4 - Marriage is an honorable relation, and the sexual union is pure only within marriage. Sexual union outside marriage constitutes adultery or fornication, and those who practice it will be judged by God. [Cf. Romans 7:2,3; Matt. 19:3-9; 1 Cor. 7:2-5; 6:9-11; Ex. 20:14,17; etc.]

Ephesians 5:25-29; Proverbs 31:28-31; 18:22; 19:14; Titus 2:4; 1 Peter 3:7 - - Men are taught to love and cherish their wives, to honor them, and to appreciate them as a blessing from God. Such a view dignifies the woman and makes her man's honored and respected companion.

Who can believe that the Marxist view is an improvement on the Bible teaching?

Care of children is a sacred stewardship entrusted to parents

Genesis 1:28 - God commanded the first man and woman to reproduce, but we have seen that this is limited to a husband and wife in a family relationship.

Ephesians 6:1-4; Deuteronomy 6:6-9 - Children are responsible to obey and honor parents. Parents are responsible to train up children to serve God. There is not a shred of Bible evidence that it is the duty of government to raise or educate children.

Perhaps the government or other people may assist parents in some specific aspects of raising children, but the parents' will must always prevail. The government has no right to override the parents' will, to teach views contrary to what the parents want taught, nor to lead children to accept religious views different from what their parents taught them.

Surely the fact that Marxism opposes Bible views of the family is reason for us to oppose it.

VII. Marxism and Abolition of Private Property (Socialism)

Quotations Regarding Marxism

A basic tenet of Marxism is that private ownership of property causes people to be corrupted by greed, so they oppress others. This, we are told, is the basic error of capitalism. As a result, Communists viciously attack capitalism as the cause of every evil and ill in society.

The Marxist solution is to have the government confiscate ("nationalize") all property and all businesses: i.e., socialism. Then all the people own everything, so no one class mistreats others.

The Communist Manifesto says: "In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: abolition of private property" (p19). Again: "...you reproach us with intending to do away with your property. Precisely so; that is just what we intend." (p20)

Page 24 says: "The proletariat [working class led by the Communist party] will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degrees, all capital from the bourgeoisie; to centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the State ..." In other words, socialism.

Lenin said: "It is also clear here that the purpose of insurrection must [include] ... the expulsion of the landlords and the seizure of their lands" (SW3-377).

Khrushchev said: "The powerful socialist industry, which is the basis of all national economy, is in the hands of the Soviet state and in the hands of the people. We have state ownership of land. All economic levers of economic management remain in the hands of the state. Finally, and this is decisive, the Communist Party directs the entire socialist building" (BC-88).

Some people think giving ownership of property to the people sounds good. But in practice, Communism puts all property under control of the government; but the government is run, not by the people, but by the Communist Party. The Party is in turn controlled by a few elite leaders, who in turn are controlled by a single man - i.e., dictatorship!

If, as Marxists claim, power over property and business causes people to be corrupted by greed, then Communism has no solution at all. Communism places all property and businesses under the control of a tiny minority of people. In America, many people own property and have property rights. Communists would eliminate our "greed" by seizing our property and putting it all under the monopoly control of a much smaller group of people!

How effective have Marxists and others been in promoting socialism in our own society? Do we not see the government taking more and more control over businesses and property?

Teaching of the Bible

It may seem that private property is an economic issue, not a Biblical issue. But look closer.

The Bible permits people to own property, own businesses, and hire workers.

Where Communism says that private ownership of property and businesses is inherently evil, the Bible expressly approves the practice.

Many scriptures speak of people who own houses and property - Acts 12:5,12; 16:15; 21:8; Matthew 8:14; Luke 10:38; 19:5.

Matthew 20:1-15 - The kingdom of heaven is compared to a man who was a landowner, who hired workers for his vineyard. [Cf. Matt. 21:28].

Matthew 25:14-30 - A man gave his servants control of his money and expected them to use or invest his money so as to give him a profit. This is the essence of capitalism.

Multitudes of other passages approve of the practice of people hiring workers or servants. Servants are told to submit to their masters and serve them diligently. They must not rebel even if their masters are unfair and cruel. (See 1 Pet. 2:18; Luke 12:42-46; Eph. 6:5-9; Tit. 2:9,10; 1 Tim. 6:1,2; Col. 3:22-24.)

But the Bible also requires supervisors to treat their workers they way the would like their master to treat them (Matt. 7:12; Col. 4:1; James 5:1,4; Matt. 20:1-16; Eph. 6:9).

Specifically, the Bible condemns all forms of greed, and instructs people to be generous in sharing what they have with those who are in need - Eph. 4:28; 1 Tim. 6:6-10,17-19; Luke 12:15-21; Acts 20:35; etc.

These passages do not require anyone to own property or a business, but they certainly permit it. Greed is not an inherent or necessary result of ownership, but is a perversion of it. So God forbids the perversion (greed), not the practice of ownership itself.

By condemning private ownership, Marxists condemn as evil something that the Bible expressly allows (note Prov. 17:15). Yet instead of eliminating the problem of greed, but simply transfer it from the capitalists to the Communist leaders!

The Bible forbids stealing.

Romans 13:8-10 - Stealing is forbidden because it violates the law of love. But the very existence of laws against stealing necessarily implies the right of property ownership! How could it be wrong to take from someone something that he had no right to own? The very fact that it is wrong to take somebody's property, necessarily teaches that people have the right to own property to begin with.

So, every passage in the Bible that forbids stealing of itself constitutes evidence that individuals have the right to possess property. See Ex. 20:15,17; 1 Cor. 6:9-11; Eph. 4:28; 1 Pet. 4:15,16; Luke 12:39; etc.

But it furthermore follows that anyone who confiscates another person's property against his will becomes a thief. And governments can be guilty of this just the same as individuals can.

Romans 13:1-7 - Government does have the right to collect taxes, but only for the purpose of doing rightful duties of government. Note verse 6: "For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God's ministers attending continually to this very thing [punishment of evildoers]." When government confiscates private property or business, not to support the legitimate work of government in serving the people, but simply because rulers want the government to control property or business, that is a sinful abuse of government power. Despite that fact that rulers do it, it still constitutes stealing, just the same as it constitutes murder when the government deliberately kills innocent citizens who have done no harm

So when Marxists justify confiscation of the property of citizens, they violate Bible teaching about the property rights of individuals and they advocate that which constitutes stealing! Marxists are not only liars, they are also thieves. And we will soon see that they are also murderers!

The Bible nowhere advocates Communist concepts of property.

Some claim that early Christians practiced Communism in Acts 2:44,45; 4:32-37. The passages clearly describe them selling possessions, putting the money into a common treasury, and distributing to others. But did this constitute what Marxists advocate?

(1) Sharing was done from religious and spiritual motives out of love and devotion for God. Communism denies religious motives, denies the existence of God, and denies the value of love!

(2) The giving was voluntary - a matter of personal choice. There was no compulsion to give against the will of the giver, as Communism advocates. Note Acts 5:4. Cf. 2 Cor. 9:5,7; 8:12.

(3) The giving was done to meet a specific need at a specific time under specific circumstances. There is no indication that Christians in general from this point on divested themselves of all property, let alone businesses (see Scriptures previously listed).

(4) Only Christians were involved in this giving. Communism requires all citizens of a nation to give up their property, regardless of their religious convictions.

(5) Money was given into the control of the church, not the control of the government.

(6) People donated money, not businesses or property. People sold their property so they could give money. These passages say nothing that would imply that the church owned and operated the businesses, let alone that the government ended up doing so.

(7) We have already cited passages showing that Christians still did own property and were permitted to own businesses even after Acts 2 & 4.

Nothing in these passages or anywhere else in Scripture justifies the Marxist concept of government confiscation of property.

Surely the fact that Marxism advocates stealing property is one reason for us to oppose it.

VIII. Marxism and Agitation, Corruption, & Revolution

Quotations Regarding Marxism

We have seen that Marxists believe they may use any means possible to weaken a capitalistic government. So, they demoralize capitalist countries by promoting corruption such as drug abuse, homosexuality, sexual immorality, etc. They also deliberately agitate conflict and alienation between classes of people. As conditions worsen, they increase the strife by terrorism and violence. Finally, they foment open armed revolution to bring down the government.

As discussed earlier, Marxists profess to help people get whatever they want. But instead of wanting to solve problems, Communists really want to agitate issues to cause greater discontent.

The Communist Manifesto concludes: 

"In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things ... They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working men of all countries, unite!" (p. 36).

Engels wrote that Communists must "recognize no means of carrying out these objects other than a democratic revolution by force" (CFF-134).

Lenin quoted Marx as follows: "Revolutions are the locomotives of history" (SW3-122).

Lenin said: "...it is necessary, immediately, for all legal Communist Parties to form illegal organisations [sic] for the purpose of systematically carrying on illegal work" (SW10-173).

Again Lenin said: "...we must clearly and resolutely point out the necessity for an uprising in the present state of affairs; we must directly call for insurrection ... Only insurrection can guarantee the victory of the revolution" (SW3- 327).

Again: "The substitution of the proletarian state for the bourgeois state is impossible without a violent revolution" (SW7-21).

Again: "Riots - demonstrations - street battles - detachments of a revolutionary army - such are the stages in the development of a popular uprising ... The revolutionary army is needed because great historical questions can be solved only by violence." (SW3-312f). [See also SW5-147; SW10-202; SW7-18,124; Left-Wing Communism-95,140]

Soviet leaders instructed American Communists: "We therefore insist that [Communists] shall be fighting organizations for seizing control of the state, for the overthrow of government, and the establishment of the workers' dictatorship. This is their sole task. The leading of strikes, of unemployment agitation, and of insurrection - such must be their activity." (SC-112).

Anatole Lunarcharsky, former Russian Commissar of Education, said: 

"We hate Christians and Christianity. Even the best of them must be considered our worst enemies. They preach love of one's neighbor and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Christian love is an obstacle to the development of the Revolution. Down with love of our neighbor! What we want is hate ... Only then can we conquer the universe" (NC-71).

Specific examples of Communist efforts to demoralize America.

"Harry Hay, founder of the modern "gay rights" movement, was a member of the Communist Party USA and ... the FBI maintained a file on him. Hay was also a vocal supporter of the North American Man/Boy Love Association." ("CPAC and the conservatives," Cliff Kincaid, 3/7/2013; cf. Robert Knight, "The Schwarz Report," March 2011)

Probably the most outspoken organization promoting legalization of immorality in this country is the ACLU. They have defended pornography, homosexuality, abortion, and drug use. Roger Baldwin, one of the founders of the ACLU, was a Communist. (YCT, intro)

CACC (2/1/85) quotes a man who was imprisoned by Communists in a camp in the jungles of Colombia where they made cocaine for sale in the USA. One of the Communists told him, "If the corrupt capitalists in North America want to buy cocaine, we'll produce and sell them all they need. We will destroy your corrupt society with its own money. The revolution is being financed by Americans who use cocaine."

How effective have Marxists and other unbelievers been in promoting corruption in our own society? Are we becoming more decent and moral or increasingly immoral?

Obviously, not everyone who promotes corruption is a Communist, but who can deny that our society is moving in the direction that Marxists want it to go? And as society becomes more corrupt, it becomes more likely that Marxists can succeed with their goals.

Teaching of the Bible

Christians should be subject to government.

Romans 13:1-5 - Civil rulers are ordained by God. Whoever resists them, resists the ordinance of God. But Marxists contradict this saying the government was set up by capitalists, and we should overthrow it.

John 18:36 - Jesus never permitted His disciples to take up arms to violently oppose the government, even when the government was guilty of severe persecution. [Matt. 26:47-54]

[1 Peter 2:13,14; Titus 3:1; Acts 5:29]

Christians should work for peace, not strife.

Romans 12:18 - If possible, to the extent we can influence circumstances, we should live peaceably with all people, even those who are mistreating us (see vv 17-21).

Luke 6:27,28 - We should love even our enemies, and do good to those who mistreat us. We are to pray for them, not seek to harm them.

When people who have authority over us disobey God's word, we should tell them they are wrong. But we are never justified in initiating violent uprisings to overthrow their authority.

[Matthew 5:9; James 3:17,18]

Christians should never tempt or encourage others to sin.

Matthew 18:6,7 - A person who causes other people to sin, would be better off drowned in the sea. Woe to the person who tempts other people to sin.

Hebrews 10:24 - We should provoke others to love and good works, not to corruption and immorality. We should never promote sin, but should urge people to do good.

Surely the fact that Marxism promotes corruption and revolution is reason to oppose it.

[Rom. 1:32; Eph. 5:11; 1 Tim. 5:22; Titus 2:14; 3:8]

IX. Marxism and Persecution and Annihilation

Quotations Regarding Marxism

After Communists capture a country, they seek to purge all elements of non-Communist thinking by means of re-education, by concentration camps, or by annihilation. This applies the evolutionary concept of survival of the fittest: people who oppose Marxist views are not fit to survive. A new race must be bred by allowing only people with acceptable views to reproduce.

Statements by Marxist leaders

The Communist Manifesto says: "...the middle-class owner of property. This person must, indeed, be swept out of the way, and made impossible" (p21).

Lenin coined the term "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" for Communist rule in a country. He said it is "an organization for the systematic use of violence by one class against the other, by one part of the population against another" (NC- 57). "...the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat is violence against the bourgeoisie" (SW-125).

Lenin also said: "The revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat is power won and maintained by the violence of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie - power that is unrestricted by any laws" (SW7-123).

Again: "The dictatorship of the proletariat does not fear to resort to compulsion, and to the most severe, decisive and ruthless expression of state compulsion" (SW8- 257)

Some specific examples

Soon after Communist takeover of China, Communist statistics themselves admit to the killing of 12 million Chinese. "Millions more were imprisoned, sentenced to forced labor, or sent to 'reorientation' (brain washing) centers." (CFF-63).

The U.S. Senate, in its investigations, has concluded that some 35 to 45 million people have been killed in the Soviet Union, and between 34 and 63 million people in China. ("Why Communism Kills", p.3).

In North Korea in "some areas 60-80% of Christian leaders were killed off" (CFF-171).

Out of a population of 7 million in Cambodia, some 2 or 3 million died. Ieng Sary, the Communist foreign minister said: "As long as we have one million left, that will be enough to make the new man" (ibid, p. 11).

Lieutenant Thomas Dooley in North Viet Nam personally witnessed mock crowns of thorns being driven into the heads of religious leaders. (CFF-171f).

People who do not accept Communism are not always killed outright. Many of them are made to work as slaves in slave labor camps. (BC-62).

There is abundant evidence that people who reject Marxism have been imprisoned in asylums and treated with brainwashing techniques, mind altering drugs, and other psychiatric treatments to break down their resistance. (CACC Newsletter, 11/15/87).

In his book Against All Hope, Armando Valladares tells the personal story in which he witnessed all the horrors we have described in Communist Cuba. He was imprisoned for 22 years for no reason at all except that he had expressed disagreement with Communism.

Some people wonder why people in Communist countries believe in Marxism.

The answer is that most do not. Only a tiny percentage of the people are actually Communists. Many supported the Communist revolution at first because they believed the lies that life would be better under Communism. Now they are controlled by an oppressive minority.

The total government monopoly over all aspects of life gives people little choice. If you speak against Marxism, you may lose your job, because the Communists control all businesses. You and your family may go without food, clothing, medical treatment, or a home because the government controls all the stores, hospitals, and housing. You cannot go elsewhere for relief, since they control all transportation. And you cannot contact others for help, because they control all communication. You are a prisoner with no prison walls around you. (WC-21,22)

Why don't they flee the country? The government erects barriers like the Berlin wall, and post guards to keep people from escaping. Thousands died trying to cross the iron curtain to freedom or to flee from Cuba to Florida in tiny boats.

An article in World Magazine, 11/2012, states that about 3000 people per year escape from North Korea. Why so few? Because many are shot and killed in the attempt. Others are captured and returned to concentration camps. Still they continue to try and some succeed.

Perhaps the greatest testimony to America is that, while Communists must erect walls and post guards to keep people in, America struggles to keep illegal immigrants from overrunning the country.

Since these methods are used after a country has fallen to Communist control, we do not see them used here ... yet. But why wait till that time comes? Why not speak out now while we are free to do so?

Teaching of the Bible

Christians are commanded to love all men, not to harm or murder them.

Matthew 22:39 - The second greatest command is to love your neighbor as yourself.

Romans 13:8-10 - Love for neighbor means we must not harm them, and surely must not murder them.

Matthew 7:12 - We should treat others as we would want them to treat us. Do you want others to persecute you or slay you simply because they do not agree with your views? Then do not do such things to them!

[1 John 3:12; Rom. 12:17-21; Lev. 19:17,18; Luke 6:27-33; Prov. 6:16-19; Matt. 15:18-20; 1 Pet. 4:15,16.]

Christians attempt to change others by persuasion, not by force.

Mark 16:15,16 - Go preach the gospel to every creature. [Cf. Matt. 28:18- 20]

Ephesians 5:11 - When people are guilty of sin, we refuse to participate in the sin, but we tell them they are wrong.

Ephesians 6:10-18 - Christians are at war against the forces of evil, but our weapons include faith, prayer, and God's word. Nowhere included are forms of violence or physical force.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 - Fleshly or carnal weapons are expressly forbidden in our warfare against evil. Instead, we use those the spiritual weapons God has provided. [Cf. John 18:36]

2 Corinthians 5:10,11 - Ultimately God will judge and reward all men for their lives. That is not our job. It is our job to persuade men by warning them about God's judgment.

If people refuse to accept God's word, we may refuse to associate with them and may continue to rebuke their error (1 Cor. 15:33; chap 5; 2 John 9-11; etc.) But to inflict physical harm on them is no part of a Christian's conduct.

Surely the fact that Marxism murders innocent people is one reason for us to oppose it.

X. Marxism and Earthly Paradise

Quotations Regarding Marxism

How do Marxists convince people to follow Communism, even when they really understand it? (Remember that only a tiny minority in any country really believe in Marxists ideals.) What Communists refer to as "Communism" does not yet exist and never has existed anywhere on earth. They believe that the world is progressing toward Communism, but has not yet arrived. Today, they are in the stage of socialism.

Marxists view Communism as the ultimate stage of man's existence, a virtual paradise on earth. Since private property is the cause of most evil, when capitalism and all capitalist thinking have finally been purged from the earth, we will enter the final world condition in which there will be universal peace, universal prosperity, and absolute social justice. There will be no stealing, no lying, no class hatred, and no need for government. (Cf. FML- 699.)

Lenin described this final state: "...there will vanish all need for force, for the subjection of one man to another, since people will grow accustomed to observing the elementary conditions of social existence without force and without subjection." (BC-111).

Lenin also said: 

"Only Communism renders the state absolutely unnecessary, for there is no one to be suppressed - 'no one' in the sense of a class, in the sense of a systematic struggle with a definite section of the population ... we know that the fundamental social cause of excesses ... is the exploitation of the masses, their want and their poverty. With the removal of this chief cause, excesses will inevitably begin to 'wither away.' ... With their withering away, the state will also wither away" (SW7-83).

This ideal recruits many idealistic young people to Communism because they want to help bring about this paradise on earth. I remember in my high school world history class I argued that the ultimate goal of Communism was good, but the problem was the means Communism uses to achieve that goal. This view was na´ve, but it illustrates how Communism appeals to young people. Imagine how strong this appeal would be to young people who have been taught evolution, so they don't believe in God or in life after death. A philosophy that offers to solve all the world's problems is attractive.

The publication Young Comrade said: "In your religious training you are told that even if things are bad on this earth, everything will be wonderful when you die and go to Heaven ... This is all a lie. When you die, you are dead and that is all there is to it. We want our Paradise right here and now" (CFF-191).

Understand that Communists believe that this earthly "paradise" is not only possible, but inevitable, and that it is the highest goal which anyone can possibly pursue or achieve.

Teaching of the Bible

Many objectionable features of Communism would continue in their utopia.

The Communist utopia on earth is impossible. But even if they could achieve it, they would still be atheists who deny the existence of God. They would still be materialists who, as the quotes show, seek bliss on earth because they believe death is the end of existence. They would still believe in evolution: their belief in evolution is what leads them to conclude that the world is inevitably progressing toward this earthly paradise. They would still reject the Bible as their standard of morals.

And for all these reasons, they would still oppose all religion, especially the gospel of Jesus. In fact, religious people would no longer exist in their utopia, because they would all have been eliminated by Communist executions and re-education. So, if Communists should achieve their ultimate paradise, you and I will not be around to enjoy it. We would long since have been eliminated! And if our children should be around, it would only be because they have forsaken their religious convictions!

Further, this Communist paradise would have abolished all private property, including abolishing the family. Women and children would all be community property.

So it is not just the Communist methods that are evil and corrupt; so is their ultimate goal.

The Bible teaches that most people will always be evil.

In order for Communists to achieve their paradise, virtually all people must become morally upright. While God surely desires and even commands this, yet the Bible clearly denies that, in practice, this will ever occur on earth.

Matthew 7:13,14 - Most people are on the road to destruction, only a few on the road to life. Throughout the Bible, in all ages, the majority of people have been in sin. [Cf. 2 Tim. 3:13.]

Communists believe that the process of evolution will inevitably improve men to a state of near perfection on earth. But where is the historical evidence that people today are better than people were centuries ago? The Bible denies evolution and also denies that men in general will ever become perfect on earth.

Jesus teaches that our paradise comes in heaven after this life.

Hebrews 9:27; John 5:28,29 - It is appointed to man once to die, and after this the judgment. To be judged, men will be raised from the dead. [Cf. 1 Cor. 15:19-26; 1 Thess. 4:13-18]

Matthew 25:46 - At that judgment, the reward of the righteous will be eternal life. [Cf. vv 31-46; 2 Cor. 5:10; Rom. 2:6-10; 6:23.]

Matthew 5:10-12 - Those who are persecuted for righteousness will have a great reward in heaven. If Communists persecute us or even kill us, we will not lose our reward. The reward comes after this life, not during it.

1 Peter 1:3,4 - God has begotten us to an inheritance reserved in heaven. [Cf. 1 Thess. 4:17; 5:9,10; 2 Cor. 4:16-5:8.]

The Communist has no hope for a reward after death. He hopes only for an earthly paradise. There is no evidence such a hope will ever materialize. And if it did materialize, it would be a curse and not a blessing.

The Christian looks for a greater paradise, but it comes after this life, not during it. And the Christian hope is based on evidence. We have eyewitness testimony that our Savior has risen from the dead and has ascended into heaven. He has sent messages back from heaven, and the validity of these messages is confirmed by fulfilled prophecy and miracles. These messages assure us that we too will someday be raised from the dead to dwell with our Savior in heaven.

Conclusion: Marxism, Christians, and the Future of America

A. What Specific Goals Do Communists Seek to Achieve to Bring Down America?

Communists have overtaken many countries and are currently working to overthrow many others. Their ultimate goal is to take over the United States. In 1962 an expert on Communism named W. Cleon Skousen wrote a book called The Naked Communist in which he listed 45 specific goals the Communists sought to achieve to overthrow our nation (pp. 259-262). As we notice just a few of those goals, ask yourself how successful the Communists have been in achieving them. To what extent have Communists been successful in affecting your life and the lives of your children and loved ones?

(Again, not everybody who supports these goals is a Communist. Nevertheless, to whatever extent these goals are accomplished, Communists come that much close to taking over America.)

"Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks."

How successful have Communists and their fellow travelers been? Do schools teach evolution, leading students to believe that they are just material animals, and death is the end of existence? Have the schools eliminated God, worship, religion, prayer, and the Bible? Do they present perverted concepts of marriage and the roles of men and women?

Are students led to believe they can make moral decisions based on their own opinions, without appealing to God, religion, the Bible, or parents? Do schools often justify homosexuality, premarital sex, pornography, abortion, divorce, and drug abuse? Do they present our country as being corrupt politically and economically, but Communist countries are not so bad?

Do teachers' unions such as the N.E.A. defend virtually all these practices in schools?

Remember, I did not write the book about Communism I am citing. But if you are not aware of the extent to which schools today are infiltrated by these ideas, I challenge you to investigate.

"Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression ... 'Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art'."

Why would Communists pursue such goals? It serves to demoralize society. When people cannot see beauty and joy in their lives, they are more easily convinced to work for a different kind of life. And degraded art can be used to promote immorality and disrespect for authority.

What do we see in modern art? Do we see what is ugly, repulsive, and meaningless? Is it ever immoral and vulgar?

And what about modern music? It is often ugly, repulsive, and meaningless? Does it promote moral anarchy, violence, and rebellion against authority?

"Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them 'censorship' and a violation of free speech and free press. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV."

One of the best ways to demoralize society is to promote widespread pornography and immorality in entertainment. What do we see around us? Is the entertainment industry polluted with immorality of all kinds in movies, magazines, TV and the Internet? Does it present a favorable view of religion and moral decency?

"Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as 'normal, natural, healthy.'"

Remember, this was written in 1962. Who then would have expected Gay Liberation, Free Love, and even homosexual marriage? But now we have them, along with rampant divorce, abortion, illegitimacy, and venereal disease, including AIDS.

"Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with 'social' religion. Discredit the Bible..."

What do we see in denominationalism? Do we see increasing respect for the authority of the Bible? Or do we see people following other sources of religious guidance, and more emphasis on entertainment, recreation, and social interests?

"Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of 'separation of church and state.'"

Is the Creator of the universe respected today in schools? Are discussions of His word encouraged? Are students encouraged to pray or even have a "moment of silence"?

"Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand or treat. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals."

Are we being told that psychiatrists are best qualified to understand and to treat criminals, alcoholics, addicts, etc.? Do courts and schools turn to religious leaders or to psychiatrists to define what is and is not acceptable conduct?

Does society look to the Bible or to psychiatrists to learn how to have a good marriage, how to discipline and train children, and even when to get a divorce? Do government and social agencies at times oppose Biblical principles of child raising, even calling it "child abuse."

"Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents."

Remember, this was written in 1962. What institution has taken more abuse in recent years than the family? Do the Women's Liberation and Children's Liberation movements respect Bible teaching about the home? Have divorce and promiscuity before and during marriage become rampant?

Are parents being told that they do not have the expertise needed to raise their children? Are they being encouraged to send their kids off to day care, then nursery school, pre-school, etc., away from the influence of the parents to whom God gave the children?

And who takes the blame then when children go bad? The psychiatrists? The government agencies? The child rearing experts? No, almost invariably the blame is placed on the parents!

Again, not all the people who uphold these ideas are Communists. But the more these ideas prevail in society, the more the Communists benefit.

B. What Can Christians Do about Marxism?

The answer is that we should do essentially all the same things we should do about the other forces of evil that surround us.

1. Believe in God, trust Him fully, and encourage others, especially our children, to do the same.

People who really trust in God will never become true Communists. Further, if we really trust God, we will pray diligently about the dangers of Communism, and we will trust God to work matters out best for His people (1 Corinthians 10:13; 1 Peter 5:7; Phil. 4:6,7).

How do we get this strong faith and trust in God, and how do we instill it in our children? By the hearing and teaching of God's word - Romans 10:17; John 20:29-31.

2. Understand & defend Bible teaching regarding the spiritual nature of God, of man, and the truthfulness of creation.

One of the most powerful weapons unbelievers use to undermine faith in God and to lead people to believe we are just material beings, is the teaching of evolution as scientific truth in the schools and the mass media. We must combat this by spreading the evidence for creation found in the Bible and in nature.

3. Practice and defend Bible teaching as the absolute standard of morality.

We have seen that Communists use every means available to undermine faith in the Bible, and to promote moral corruption in our society. We must be completely familiar with the evidence that the Bible is indeed the word of God. Then we must diligently teach this to our children, and to all those around us.

4. Diligently practice the teaching of Jesus, and urge others to do the same.

When we and other people follow Jesus, we will avoid Marxism and every other false system. But we must follow Bible teachings strictly without any human changes.

How many Christians are truly diligent in studying God's word and praying? How many attend services regularly and actively participate in the work and of the church? How many are actively trying to convert the lost?

If unbelievers take over and deny us the right to pray, study the Bible, or worship God, wherein are we any worse off than if we have religious freedom but neglect to exercise it?

5. Thank God for the freedoms we have and pray for civil rulers.

Most of us, who have grown up in the USA, have little idea what it is like to live without freedom and under threat of persecution. We could just as easily have been born among the more than a billion people under Communist oppression or those under some other evil system, such as Islam. Let us thank God for the freedoms we have and let us pray that these freedoms will continue and will spread to areas where they do not exist. Let us pray that our rulers will have the wisdom to oppose error and leave us free to live godly and peaceable lives (1 Tim. 2:1,2).

6. Work to strengthen the family unit.

Far too many have allowed outside interests and selfish ambitions to weaken their family ties. They are deeply involved in activities that may not be inherently sinful, but they are so involved that they neglect, not just God and church, but also family. They neglect to resist the forces of evil around us. As a result, their families become easy victims of immoral entertainment, women's liberation, juvenile rebellion, and even adultery, and divorce.

Christians need to renew their devotion to their marriages and likewise renew our commitment that we will take responsibility to train our children to be what God wants them to be.

Let us spend time together as families, pray together, study the Bible together, sing together. Let us make sure our whole family regularly attends church assemblies and classes together. Teach the truth diligently at home. And pray every day that we will be good parents and that our children will be faithful to God.

7. Pray for the strength to be faithful and to assist other Christians when persecution comes.

So far, physical harm is rare in our country. But historically Christians have often been persecuted elsewhere. In the Bible, God's people prayed for one another and comforted one another in time of persecution, and fled when necessary. But always they realized that they should be faithful regardless of what life brings (Ephesians 6:10-18; Acts 4 and 12). Let us do likewise.

8. Maintain strong hope for the Christian's eternal inheritance.

Remember that, whatever the future holds, our reward is not here on earth. We are here only a short time. Our ultimate reward comes after this life. If Communism can be defeated in this life, that is cause for rejoicing. But if Communism or other form of evil conquers our nation, no matter what amount of suffering we must undergo, we will be the ultimate victors in eternity. Let us so run that we will have a sure reward. (John 15:18-21; 16:33; 1 Peter 1:3,4)

C. A Closing Illustration

A NASA photo of the Korean peninsula at night shows lights shining brightly in South Korea, while almost no lights are seen in North Korea. Such a picture does not prove whose beliefs are true or false: truth is determined by Scripture. Yet the picture visibly illustrates what our study has proved: the light of truth and freedom is at least freely available outside Communist countries, but Communism suppresses truth and religious freedom.

John 8:32 - You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Which will we choose? Will we choose error and slavery to sin, or will we choose truth and spiritual freedom?


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(C) Copyright 1987, 2013, David E. Pratte

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