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Free Bible commentary and study notes on Old Testament books of wisdom, poetry, and literature: Job. Comments and helps verse by verse to give knowledge of God's word and answers to questions about Scripture

Free Bible Commentary on Job|Notes & Comments on Books of Wisdom/Poetry/Literature
Free Bible Commentary and Study Notes on the Books of Old Testament Wisdom and Poetry: Job

These free Bible study commentaries provide comments and notes by chapter and verse through the Old Testament book of Job: a book of wisdom, poetry, and Literature. PDF or epub formats are available for use on computers or electronic book (ebook, e-book) readers. Written by David E. Pratte.

These notes are copyrighted but are free for personal study. They must not be reproduced for distribution, and in no case may they be sold for a fee. All rights reserved. See our copyright guidelines for more details.

These files are intended to be read on computer or e-reader. We do grant permission for students to print a copy for their personal use. However, many of these books will be available professionally printed, giving better quality at less cost. Check here for more information about printed books: 

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Verse-by-verse Commentary on Job

Book of Job - PDF / Epub

Note: We generally do not have the capacity to answer questions from students about our Bible commentaries. We encourage you to study on your own and answer questions for yourself from Scripture. If you need help on specific topics, please see our Gospel Way site for topic studies.

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Scripture quotations are generally from the New King James Version (NKJV), copyright 1982, 1988 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. used by permission. All rights reserved.